Beauty, Magic, and a touch of Chaos

The Art of Candid Wedding Photography

It is widely said that your wedding day is the happiest and most important day of your life. Centuries of tradition have helped morph cultural intricacies into the age-old practice, with each culture having its own beautiful ways to mark the occasion. From white weddings on the beach, to traditional Hindu wedding ceremonies, each culture has something unique and special to offer a happy couple on their special day.

The most special of moments are fleeting, however, and this, coupled with the beauty of a wedding in itself, makes wedding photography popular. People are drawn to the idea of immortalizing the best moments in their lives: to capture their happiest and most beautiful day of love and celebration in images they can cherish forever.

The photography team works closely with the couple in order to create a wonderful set of captured memories. What sets this apart from old-school photo-shoots is the special attention paid to personalizing the experience for the couple. The main aim is to capture the very essence of every little moment during the journey of the wedding, with each photograph telling a special story. From close-ups of mehendi and jewelry, to candid shots of the whole family dancing at the reception, wedding photography throws a spotlight on how stunningly beautiful love can be.